2023 in review & looking forward

For the mining industry, 2023 was one of those years that we are happy to see in the rearview mirror. The sector grappled with volatility, inflation,

Can innovative mineral processing technologies replicate large-scale mineral exploration discoveries?

The metal-intensive transition to a low-carbon economy has cast a spotlight on the mining sector’s ability to supply the large amounts of raw materials required for

Tech Solutions for a Water-Wise World

Water is a critical resource for all life, so preserving water systems should be a priority! To date, the greatest single obstacle to addressing water-related challenges within the scope of the mining sector’s environmental, social and governance (ESG)…

Unnecessary polarisation: Current ‘all-or-nothing’ energy transition pathway jeopardises security of supply

Central to the global response to climate change is the transition away from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

Acrux Resources – 2021 Our Year In Review

Despite the uncertainties caused by the pandemic, we are pleased to be able to conclude 2021 on a positive note as we reflect on the progress that we have made towards creating solutions that enable the mining sector to address the new paradigm of Environment

Company Leverages Sorting Technology To Treat Local Mine Dumps

Mining technology company Acrux Sorting Technology wants to use its sensor-based sorting technology to help local miners improve their environmental, social and governance (ESG) processes

Wescoal Signs On Technology To Boost Volumes And Green Operations

The fully-funded solution will benefit the bottom line and reduce the environmental footprint of the operations.

Acrux Sorting Coal’s Karel Potgieter talks the company’s new deal with Wescoal.

Acrux Sorting Coal’s Karel Potgieter talks the company’s new deal with Wescoal. Interview with Moneyweb Now

Acrux Sorting and Wescoal Sign Coal Beneficiation Agreement

Acrux Sorting Technology Proprietary Limited’s subsidiary, Acrux Sorting Coal (Pty) Ltd (“ASC”), has signed a coal beneficiation agreement …

Ata Fund I Makes Significant Investment in Acrux Sorting Technology to Drive Positive ESG Impact in the Mining Sector

Ata Fund I Makes Significant Investment in Acrux Sorting Technology

The Acrux Insider – Why ESG compliance shouldn’t be seen as a cost centre.

In the latest episode of our Acrux Insider video series, we take a look at why ESG compliance shouldn’t be seen as a cost centre.

Can ESG Drive Commercial Competitiveness in Mining?

The mining industry is facing increased pressure to be more mindful about environment, social and governance (ESG) compliance.

How do resource owners benefit from Acrux Sorting Technology

Karel Potgieter, Managing Director of Acrux Sorting Technology, unpacks the benefits of Acrux Sorting Technology’s new, fully funded fines sorting solution.

The Acrux Insider – 2021 Market View

We got Sean and Geoff together in December, before Sean’s departure for the UK, and asked them about their thoughts on the markets, and where we are heading to next.


With the end of the year now in sight, we can look back on a 12-month period in which we were able to deliver further growth and establish a stronger industry presence. Despite the challenges presented by the global pandemic

Innovation as antidote

During the pandemic, the role of technology in helping us to continue with (something like) normal life has been a frequent topic of conversation on Zoom calls with family, friends, and colleagues.

Acrux Sorting Technology and IMS Engineering Partner to Accelerate Sustainable Innovation through Sensor-Based Sorting Technology

JOHANNESBURG (8 September 2020)  – Acrux Sorting Technology (Pty) Ltd (AST), a wholly owned subsidiary of commodity trader and resource funding and investment specialist Acrux Resources

Solving the Liquidity and Credit Crisis of Quality Small and Medium-Sized Mining and Mineral Operations

With the deepening of the economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis and the full or partial lockdowns that have proliferated around the world, many commentators have begun to evaluate what post-pandemic local and global economies will look like…

In the current market mayhem, mining sector investors face generational opportunities for high returns – with the right information in hand

Author: Sean Browne The Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on economies and markets around the world. Market participants have sought refuge in the USD,